3/3 RVN Ass’n  Vol  1  Issue 1    09/01/2004  Page 2
All work on the sites is done by our own alumni, and is uncompensated.   All financing is by donations.  Bob Oberer is the brainchild behind the programming of ThirdMarines.net, and Totalideas.com graciously provides our server and web access gratis.  Teams of individuals have been involved in scouring the Monthly Personnel Rosters and Unit Diaries to build the database, and it is ongoing as we glean even more info from them. We rely heavily on all hands to furnish us info on the locations of members, or historical data.  All hands are involved in this effort, and it is one of a kind... We also provide archival info to assist in getting Purple Hearts not awarded as well as substantiating pages for VA claims. 
We are at your disposal.

Craig’s grandson Bailey, showing Gramps how to operate the computer no doubt!

If you have any questions, are looking for someone, or just want to find out about a certain date, please contact any of the Admin’s on the main page of the
ThirdMarines.net site or give Doc Hoppy a call at 479-736-8069... We will do our best to assist in any way possible.  If you served in more than one unit, check out the Links pages on the site... we have
scores of other units sites listed.  If you need your access code for the site... let us know, we can get it to you instantly.  Be sure to check out ALL the 3/3 sites via our links pages... there are hundreds of pages to peruse..

Craig Slaughter (alert as always)...
John Mick offering resuscitation.

Craig co-founded the ThirdMarines.net site and deserved this bit of rest after literally thousands of hours of researching,  and entering data for the last nearly 4 years. As well as finding our guys.  If you have not used the site, you will be amazed by the amount of data we have on over 10,100 of us who waltzed thru 3/3 in the Nam.  It expands daily as we locate/account for more of our alumni.  Over 3,000 in contact now, and nearly 4,200 accounted for.  Over 3,500 Purple Hearts are documented.

Part of the Mike Co. contingent
Around 100 from Mike were there!

Doc Gaskins, Lt Hoffman & Mike 68-69 crews

I’m one of the new guys as well.  Going to the Reunion is probably one of the better decisions I've made lately.  I was full of doubt and apprehension as what to expect.  Those emotions quickly dissolved with the warmth, fellowship and respect that was present during the Reunion.  Thanks, to all of you great Marines, Corpsman and your Families.
God bless & Semper Fi, Richard Collins

Walter and Kevin Clarke, Joe Austin and Jackie Pendergraph.  The eagle behind them was a 2 year restoration project by Craig Slaughter. 16 foot wingspan all wood.  It was donated to TM.net by a former Marine and had graced the side of a restaurant for years.