Colorado Springs  Bn Reunion
Jack Brennan

I am still processing all I saw and experienced this past week.   My spirit is full and I have a depth of peace that I haven't known in many many years.  I saw healing and brotherhood that reached the core of us all , Marines, Corpsman, wives, widows, and families. I have always felt that being a Marine was a priceless gift.  I didn't quite have the full understanding until now. 

As was expressed in Colorado Springs having the opportunity to spend time with the Corpsmen, Marines, and family of Third BN Third Marines is an experience to be treasured.  

There was a lady from Boston (Mrs.. Mahoney) who spoke at the memorial service on Sunday morning.  She said of being a member of this 3/3 family "There is no alone anymore."  

The good that you and all those who make this possible have done is beyond measure and will far out live any of us.  "Well done! " and thank you.
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3/3 RVN Ass’n  Vol  1  Issue 7    09/01/2006
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