3/3 Home Again
at Kaneohe Bay
3/3 RVN Ass’n  Vol  1  Issue 8    01/01/2007
Issue #8

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    After 7 months deployment in Iraq, 3/3, America’s Bn, has returned home to Kaneohe Bay HI.  Among their various operations was the protection of the Haditha Dam, and rebuilding the local police and security forces.  During the course of the de-ployment, 3/3 lost 11 Marines (and 3 attached) as well as suffering over 70 WIA’s.
October 19th, a Purple Heart award ceremony was held.
   The 20th of October a Memorial service for the families of America’s Battalion’s fallen was attended by 81 family members, the Bn, and several of our RVN vets.
    On October 23rd, a Change of Command was held, with LtCol Norm Cooling going on to new duties, having led 3/3 in Afghanistan last year as well as this year in Iraq.  He is replaced by LtCol Nathan Nastase.

    A proud group of our RVN alumni, including MOH awardee Robert O’Malley, were able to attend and welcome our younger group back home, and thank them for their dedication, perseverance and sacrifice. Attendees were Dan Ryan, Cliff Smith, Bob Bolson, Robert and Barbara O'Malley, Billy Richards and Doc Hoppy.
Definitely a memorable experience!
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