Aug 7 - Aug 12, 2018

Pensacola Grand Hotel

200 E Gregory St, Pensacola FL
Hotel Reservations:   1-850-433-3336
group code: RVN
2018 3/3 Reunion - Pensacola FL
2018 Reunion Agenda
Who's Signed Up
Name Hotel AFRI Co Yr
Jesse Abarca x x K 68-69
Les Abellera x x K 67-68
Carl Anderson x x HS 65
Charles Armitage x M 69
Dave Arnold x x K 69
Dave Arocha x x K 67-68
Elijah Baker x x L 65
J. C. Bantle x x M 68-69
Art Barragan x x M 69
Janna Baumgardner x x K 66-67
Ron Beicht x x HS 67-68
Gerald Blink x x M 69
Bob Bolson x x L 67-68
Jesse Boone x x L 65
Vic Bouchard x x M 69
Sam Bouland x x HS 69
J. C. Box x x M 66-67
John Breckenridge x M 66-67
Mike Brown x x M 66-67
Gary Burnett x x M 68-69
J. Castleman x x L 67-68
Dennis Caudill x x K 65
Ed Cavazos x K 68-69
Robert Chatterton x x HS 68-69
Paul Churchill x x L 66
Bill Clough x x K 67-68
Rex Collins x x M 67-68
Richard Collins x x HS 66-67
Rod Consalvo x x I 66-67
Joe Cordileone x M 66-67
Mike Cornish x x HS 65
Valle Cotter x x M 66
Sam Cunningham x x K 67
Tim Davis x I 67-68
Bob De Diemar x x HS 67-68
Andrew Dinetta K 65-66
A J Dos Santos x x L 67-68
Len Drop x x K 68
Marion Ebersole x x Family M-65
Carl Elliott x M 67-68
Frank Espinoza x x L 67-68
Lorenzo Ezell x x M 68-69
Phil Finlay x x K 65
Tom Finley x x K 66-67
Doug Fitzgerald x x M 69
Donald Frank x x K 68
Vince Fung x x M 65
Randy Gaddo Guest
John Gallagher x x HS 67-68
Ron Gaskins s x M 68-69
Lee Geyza x L 67-68
Columbus Goza x x K 66-67
Bill Gray x L 68-69
Ronnie Greer x x M 69
Doug Gundermann x x M 67-68
James Hankins x Guest
Ken Haskins x x M 66-67
Greg Herron x x M 68-69
Gary Hill x x M 66-67
David Holman x x M 67-69
Cliff Hopkins x x M 69
William Horne x x L 65
Charles Hutchins x x M 69
Joe Jara x x M 68-69
Bobby Jefferson x x M 68-69
Rick Jennings x x M 68-69
Russ Jewett x x L 67
Nathan Jones x x M Family
Jerry Kalk x M 65
T. J. Kelly x x M 67-68
Linda Kelso x ?
Tom Kenney x x M 68
Jerry Krawczyk x I 67
Jack Kzzinsky x M 68-69
Michael Langley x Guest
Vito Lavacca x x M 67-68
James Lehnert x x K 68-69
Otto Lehrack x x I/HS 66-67
Tiny Lindholm x x M 68-69
Donald Lowery x M/HS 66-67
Amanda Lybrand x Family
Kevin MacDonald x x L 66-67
Richard MacKenzie x L 66-67
Joe Dean Madison x x M 67-69
Kevin Mahoney x x M 66-67
Milt Malueg x x I 67-68
Thomas Manuel x x K 66
Juan Martinez x x K 68-69
Vince Martinez x x HS 67-68
Dick Matthews x I/L/HS 67-68
Bill McAdam x M HS 67-68
John McBride x x L 67
"Mac" McClain x x K 66-67
Jerome McDonald x x K 68-69
Francis McGowin x x L 66-67
Don McGrath x x L 65-66
John Mick x x M 67-68
Dick Miller x I 65-66
Tonya Miller x ?
Robert Moffatt x x M 66-67
Leroy Montgomery x L 68-69
Leonard Morin x x M 68-69
Cal Morris x x M 65-66
Kent Morrow x x K 65-66
Thomas Mosher x x I 66-67
J. D. Murphy x M 68-69
Richard Newburn x K 67-68
Dale Noyes x x I 68-69
Donald O'Brien x x L 66-67
Phil ODonnell x L 68-69
Dave Overturf x x K 68
Justin Palmer x x K 2006-10
Rodger Palmer x x L 67-68
Jack Pandolfe x M 65
Steve Parmer x x L 67-68
James Partridge x K 65
Lex Payne x x M 67-68
John Perschka x x HS 67-68
Bobby Pigg x M 67-68
Frank Plass x x I 65
Gary Poling x x HS 65
Ben Poquiz x x K 66-67
Dan Price x x M/HS 66-67
Cloyd Rael x K 67-68
Jim Randall x x HS 68-69
George Renquist x x K 66-67
Roger Rhodes x x M 67-68
Bill Richards x x K 68-69
Bill Rister x x K 69
Ray Rodriquez x x M 65
Larry Rudd x x M 65
Alan Sams x x K 67-68
Ben Sandoval x x M 65
Robert Schatz x x K 66-67
Dave Schwirian x x L 66-67
Dave Seiler x HS 69
Anthony Seretti x K 67-68
Bill Sessions x x M 67-68
Jack Shipley x x L 69
Joseph Sivils x HS 2005
Hank Smith x x I 65-66
Walter Smith x x K 68
John Solbach x x L 67-68
Willie Staupe x x I 65
John Stronach x x M 68-69
Andrew Stubbs x x L 65
Phillip Styles x HS 65
Jack Swallows x x L-FO 65
Doug Swauncy x x HS 65
Ray Tamayo x M 65
Fred Tenuto x I 66-67
Phil Tharp x HS 68-69
James Thernes x x L/HS 67-68
Wendell Thomas x K 69
John Thompson x x K 68-69
Ken Thompson x x M 68-69
Roy Tremain x x I 66-67
Dr. Elaine Tripi x x Guest
Daniel Trupp x x K Family
Rebecca Trupp x K Family
Ernie Tuten x K 69
Doug Van Zandt x x HS 65
Art Varnau x x M 68-69
Michael Vogen x HS 65
James Vojta x x L 65
Richard Walden x x M 68
George Wanat x x L 69
Robert Wang x x L 67
Gerald Ward x K 67-68
Tommy Wheeler x x M 66-67
James Williams x x M 68-69
Ronald Williams x K 69
"Reb" Williamson x x K 68-69
Michael Williamson x Guest
Nick Wiltse x x M 65
Ron Wishert x x HS 69
Larry Wright x x M 65
Roger Zensen x x L 67-68

Wednesday, August 8

See the sights of beautiful Pensacola, Florida! Your guide will discuss the Spanish and French influences of the area and point out buildings and homes from both styles of architecture, as well as different time periods. You’ll see the beautiful Veterans Memorial Park honoring all military veterans and have time at the Wall South, a replica of the Vietnam Wall in DC. It sits on a five-and-one-half acre site overlooking Pensacola Bay. Then, step back in time at the Historic Pensacola Village. Visit different houses to see how Pensacola was influenced during different times ranging from the early 1800s through the turn of the century. If desired, tour Christ Church, one of the oldest church buildings in Florida, built in 1832. Enjoy a group lunch at McGuire’s – some of the best food you’ll find in Pensacola, and even stop for gelato before returning to the hotel. This tour may be limited to 74 people. If more than 74 pre-register, an alternate schedule May be added, if possible.

9:00am board bus, 2:30pm back at hotel 
  $62/Person includes trolley, driver-guide, admission, and lunch.

Thursday, August 9

Fort Pickens is the largest of four forts built to defend Pensacola Bay, Florida, and its navy yard. The Fort was completed in 1834, and was named in honor of Major General Andrew Pickens of the South Carolina militia, who fought with distinction in several Revolutionary War battles. After a brief orientation by a Park Service Ranger, you’ll have time to explore the fort and the museum, which houses a small gift shop. The drive to Fort Pickens is beautiful with the Gulf Coast waters, beaches, and sand dunes in clear view. After the tour, the bus will stop at the Pensacola Pier for free time for lunch, shopping, and a walk on the beach. Several souvenir shops are within walking distance, along with restaurants – Seafood being the favorite! For those that would rather pack a towel and spend the day on the beach, the bus can drop you off before continuing on to Fort Pickens.

9:00am board bus, 2:30pm back at hotel 
  $44/Person includes bus, escort, and admission. Lunch on your own.


Friday, August 10

Pensacola, Florida is home to the National Naval Aviation Museum, which captures naval aviation's entire heritage with over 150 planes representing the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. Soar with the Blue Angels in the dazzling seven-story glass and steel atrium. The West Wing is devoted almost entirely to WWII carrier aviation and showcases a full-size replica of the USS Cabot Carrier Island and flight deck along with aircraft such as the Corsair, Avenger, and Hellcat, among others. While there, you can enjoy flight simulators and IMAX type films for extra fees. Lunch will be served at the Cubi Café and will include one entrée, a beverage of your choice, and a chocolate chip cookie.  

8:15am board bus, 3:15pm back at hotel 
  $54/Person includes bus, escort, admission and lunch. 
Items for the auction needed.  Please bring any items with you.  
Note:  The Hotel NAME is temporarily The Pensacola Grand, and may change again before the reunion.  

The address and phone are correct.

The hotel provides free airport shuttle 6am-10pm. Everyone receives free WiFi.
Online Reunion Registration (AFRI)   CLICK HERE

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Tuesday, August 7
1:00pm Hospitality Room open through reunion
2:00pm - 6:00pm Reunion Registration Open
Wednesday, August 8
8:00am - 10:00am Reunion Registration Open
9:00am - 2:30pm CITY TOUR
10:00am - 8:00pm PX Open
3:00pm - 6:00pm Reunion Registration Open
Thursday, August 9
8:00am - 10:00am Reunion Registration Open
10:00am - 8:00pm PX Open
3:00pm - 5:00pm Reunion Registration Open
Friday, August 10
10:00am - 8:00pm PX Open
3:30pm - 5:00pm Reunion Registration Open
5:00pm Banquet Seating Reservations Deadline
Saturday, August 11
9:30am - 10:30am Veterans Affairs Information
10:00am - 12:00pm PX Open
10:45am - 11:15am Memorial Service
12:30pm - 2:00pm 3/3 Planning Meeting
2:00pm - 3:30pm 3/3 Auction
4:45pm Trolleys begin shuttling to New World Landing for Pics and Banquet
5:00pm - 7:00pm Pictures and Cash Bar (New World Landing)
7:00pm - 10:00pm Banquet, followed by program (New World Landing)
7:00pm - 10:00pm (Children 4-11 Banquet $15.00)
Sunday, August 12
Farewells and Departures
Updated August 6 2018
updated:  August 06, 2018