3/3 (RVN) Reunion 2022 

San Antonio TX

July 12-17, 2022

Sheraton Gunter Hotel

205 East Houston St​
San Antonio TX 78205

Room Reservations:  210-227-3241

Group room rate:  $129.00 + tax


1:00pm Hospitality Room open throughout the reunion Crystal Ballroom
2:00pm-6:00pm Reunion Registration Open 2nd Floor Foyer

8:00am-8:45am Reunion Registration Open 2nd Floor Foyer
10:00am-8:00pm PX Open Magnolia Room
3:00pm-6:00pm Reunion Registration Open 2nd Floor Foyer

8:00am-8:45am Reunion Registration Open  
10:00am-8:00pm PX Open Magnolia Room
3:00pm-6:00pm Reunion Registration Open 2nd Floor Foyer

10:00am-8:00pm PX Open Magnolia Room
3:30pm-5:00pm Reunion Registration Open 2nd Floor Foyer
4:30pm Banquet Seating Reservations Deadline 
  (instructions will be in your registration packet). 2nd Floor Foyer

9:30am-10:30am Veterans Affairs Information Bluebonnet Room
10:00am-12:00pm PX Open Magnolia Room
10:45am-11:15am Memorial Service Crystal Ballroom
12:30pm-2:00pm 3/3 RVN Planning Meeting Crystal Ballroom
2:00pm-3:30pm 3/3 RVN Association Auction Crystal Ballroom
5:00pm-7:00pm Pictures and Cash Bar Crystal Ballroom
7:00pm-10:00pm Banquet, followed by program Crystal Ballroom

Farewells and Departures

Steeped in the rich traditions of San Antonio, the Gunter Hotel dates back to 1909. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this landmark hotel continues to be part of the city's unique heritage. The Sheraton Gunter is centrally located in the Heart of Downtown San Antonio near the river walk and the Alamo. Enjoy craft cocktails at the popular speakeasy Bar 414 and fresh, seasonal dishes at Market on Houston.
Jesse Abarca K 68 HOTEL AFRI
John Admire M 66 HOTEL AFRI
Brendan Allf HS 2012   AFRI
Charles Armitage M 69 HOTEL AFRI
Lee Ashburn L 67 HOTEL AFRI
Dr Pepper Ashford HS 68 HOTEL AFRI
Larry Axley L 69 HOTEL
J C Bantle M 68 HOTEL AFRI
LaNay Barley Family     AFRI
Arturo Barragan M 69 HOTEL AFRI
Ron Beicht HS 67 HOTEL AFRI
Don Bigler K 66 HOTEL AFRI
Dale Bjork L 67 HOTEL AFRI
Gerald Blink M 69 HOTEL AFRI
Bob Bolson L 67 HOTEL AFRI
Vic Bouchard M 69 HOTEL AFRI
James Box M 66 HOTEL AFRI
Gary Burnett M 69 HOTEL AFRI
Ray Calhoun M 66 HOTEL AFRI
Ed Cavazos K 68 HOTEL AFRI
Robert Chatterton HS 68 HOTEL AFRI
Rod Consalvo I 66 HOTEL AFRI
Joe Cordileone M 66 HOTEL AFRI
Valle Cotter M 66 HOTEL AFRI
Sam Cunningham K 67 HOTEL AFRI
A J Dos Santos L 67 HOTEL AFRI
Darrell Eland HS 67 HOTEL AFRI
Lorenzo Ezell M 68 HOTEL AFRI
John Fedsyzyn M 67   AFRI
Thomas Finley K 67 HOTEL AFRI
Alfonso Flores HS 68   AFRI
Vince Fung M 65   AFRI
Ron Gaskins M 68   AFRI
Chuck Goggin L 66 HOTEL AFRI
John Gonzales Jr. K 69 HOTEL AFRI
Ron Greer M 69 HOTEL AFRI
Doug Gundermann M 67 HOTEL AFRI
Tim Hanley Family     AFRI
Christine Harrington Family HS-67 HOTEL AFRI
Ken Haskins M 66 HOTEL AFRI
Richard Hoffman M 69 HOTEL AFRI
David Holman M 67 HOTEL AFRI
Cliff Hopkins M 69 HOTEL AFRI
Charles Hutchins M 69   AFRI
Joe Jara M 68 HOTEL AFRI
Rick Jennings M 68 HOTEL AFRI
Russ Jewett L 67 HOTEL AFRI
Nathan Jones Family M-66 HOTEL AFRI
Jerry Krawczyk I 67 HOTEL AFRI
Vito Lavacca M 67 HOTEL AFRI
Ed Lawrence L 67 HOTEL AFRI
Bill Lindholm M 65 HOTEL AFRI
Jake Lindholm Family   HOTEL AFRI
Richard MacKenzie L 66 HOTEL AFRI
Fred Mager L 68 HOTEL AFRI
Kevin Mahoney M 66 HOTEL AFRI
Virginia Marlin L Family HOTEL AFRI
Juan Martinez K 68 HOTEL AFRI
Jerome McDonald K 68   AFRI
John Mick M 67 HOTEL AFRI
Bob Moffatt M 66 HOTEL AFRI
Leo Morin M 68 HOTEL AFRI
Vincent Morrison A/1/12   HOTEL AFRI
Kent Morrow K 65 HOTEL AFRI
Sarah Munoz-Guerrero Family L-69   AFRI
J D Murphy M 68 HOTEL AFRI
Al Niece L 67 HOTEL AFRI
Dale Noyes I 67 HOTEL AFRI
Jeff ODonnell M 67 HOTEL AFRI
Steve Parmer L 67 HOTEL AFRI
James Partridge K 65   AFRI
Chuck Percherke L 66 HOTEL AFRI
John Perschka HS 2012 HOTEL AFRI
Ted Phelps I 66 HOTEL AFRI
Dan Price HS 66 HOTEL AFRI
Cloyd Rael K 67   AFRI
Jim Randall HS 68 HOTEL AFRI
Ter Randall-Wong Family   HOTEL AFRI
Roger Rhodes M 67 HOTEL AFRI
Bill Rister K 69 HOTEL AFRI
Romeo Rodriguez K 68   AFRI
Larry Rudd M 65 HOTEL AFRI
Dan Ryan I 67 HOTEL AFRI
William Rybolt L 67   AFRI
Ben Sandoval M 65 HOTEL AFRI
Robert Schatz K 66 HOTEL AFRI
Dave Schwirian L 66 HOTEL AFRI
Jack Shipley l 69 HOTEL  
John Solbach L 66 HOTEL AFRI
John Stronach M 68 HOTEL AFRI
Andrew Stubbs L 65 HOTEL AFRI
Doug Swauncy HS 65 HOTEL AFRI
Jesse Torres L 66   AFRI
Pete Tramonte M 68 HOTEL AFRI
Dr. Elaine Tripi BnGuest   HOTEL AFRI
Art Varnau M 68 HOTEL AFRI
Mike Washenik M 68 HOTEL
William Wells L 68 HOTEL AFRI
James Williams M 68 HOTEL AFRI
Reb Williamson K 68   AFRI
Dr. Joe Wolfe HS 68 HOTEL AFRI
Gary Wood M 69 HOTEL AFRI
Larry Wright M 65 HOTEL AFRI
Dennis Zahn M 65 HOTEL AFRI