From May 12, 1965 through September 30, 1969, 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marines served in the Republic of Vietnam.

Initially coming ashore at Chu Lai, and operating in the southern I Corps, 3/3 was involved in many operations, the first large operation being Operation Starlite in August 1965.

In 1966, 3/3 moved north to the DMZ and remained based there for the duration of their presence in Vietnam.

Headquarters and Service Company provided not only support in logistics, intelligence, communication, medical, administration, etc., most Marines with H&S manned the perimeters, trod the boonies with the infantry Co's, as well as coordinating air and artillery support.  All medical personnel were assigned out by the Battalion Aid Station, most of them to the infantry Co's; Comm supplied radiomen, and Forward Observers for the various supporting units; Mail was distributed to the Co's; Ammunition and supplies obtained and transported to the front, and so forth.  The list goes on and on.

Enjoy your tour of H/S 3/3.

Marine Nominated for Ranger Hall of Fame

LtCol Stanley Wawrzyniak, USMC (Ret), was officially nominated for induction into the U.S. Army's Ranger Hall of Fame in May.  Wawrzyniak enlisted in the Navy during World War II.  In 1946, 3 days after his discharge from the Navy, he enlisted in the Marine Corps.

During a career that spanned 35 years and three wars, Wawrzyniak earned two Navy Crosses, a Silver Star, two Bronze Stars, and four Purple Hearts.  Between the Korean and Vietnam Wars he served with 2d Force Reconnaissance Company where he attended Army Airborne School (Iron Mike Award for Outstanding Leadership), Army Ranger School (distinguished honor graduate), and the U.S. Navy's SCUBA School.

Serving alongside Capt John Ripley in Vietnam, Wawrzyniak [as H&S 3/3 Bn XO] saw action in "Leatherneck Square" (the area of Dong Ha, Con Tien, Gio Linh) and the "Rockpile."

LtCol Wawrzyniak retired from the Marine Corps in 1979.  He passed away in 1995.

[source:  Marine Corps Gazette - July 2011]