(Navy in Blue:  2105, 4105, 8404)

0100Basic Administrative Marine
0101Basic Personnel and Administrative Officer
0102Personnel Officer
0107Civil Affairs Officer
0121Personnel Clerk
0130Administrative Officer
0131Unit Diary Clerk
0141Administrative Man
0151Administrative Clerk
0160Postal Officer
0161Postal Clerk
0170Personnel Officer
0171Administrative Control Unit Specialist
0182Personnel Chief
0185Trial/Defense Counsel Officer
0193Personnel/Administrative Chief
0200Basic Intelligence Marine
0201Basic Intelligence Officer
0202Intelligence Officer
0205Tactical Intelligence Officer
0210Counterintelligence Officer
0211Counterintelligence Specialist
0231Intelligence Specialist
0239Intelligence Assistant
0240Imagery Interpretation Officer
0241Imagery Interpretation Specialist
0250Interrogation-Translation Officer
0251Interrogation/Translation Specialist
0260Geographic Intelligence Officer
0261Geographic Intelligence Specialist
0291Intelligence Chief
0292Counterintelligence Chief
0293Imagery Interpretation Chief
0294Translator Chief
0300Basic Infantryman
0301Basic Infantry Officer
0302Infantry Officer
0303Light-Armored Vehicle (LAV) Officer
0306Infantry Weapons Officer
0311Rifleman    (Backbone of the Corps)
0312LAV Assaultman
0313LAV Crewman
0321Reconnaissance Man
0332Gunner Heavy Machine-Gun
0341Mortarman  (81's)
0351Assaultman  (106's/Rockets)
0352Antitank Assault Guided Missileman
0361Tank/Assault Guided Missile Man
0369Infantry Unit Leader
0400Basic Logistics Marine
0401Basic Logistics Officer
0402Logistics Officer
0406Combat Support Officer
0410Maintenance Management Officer
0411Maintenance Management Specialist
0430Embarkation Officer
0431Logistics/Embarkation Specialist
0441Logistics Operations Clerk
0450Air Delivery Officer
0451Air Delivery Specialist
0481Landing Support Specialist
0491Combat Service Support Chief
0800Basic Field Artillery Man
0801Basic Field Artillery Officer
0802Field Artillery Officer
0803Survey and Meteorological Officer
0811Field Artillery Cannoneer
0812Field Artillery Nuclear Projectileman
0840Naval Gunfire Planner
0842Field Artillery Radar Operator
0843Searchlight Man
0844Field Artillery Fire Control Man
0845Naval Gunfire Spotter
0846Artillery Scout Observer
0847Artillery Meteorological Man
0848Field Artillery Operations Man
0849Shore Fire Control Party Man
0861Fire Support Man
0891Field Artillery Chief
0893Field Artillery Operations Chief
0894Observer Liaison Chief
1100Basic Utilities Marine
1101Basic Utilities Officer
1120Utilities Officer
1121Plumbing and Water Supply Specialist
1122Well Driller
1142Electrician Equipment Repair Specialist
1161Refrigeration Mechanic
1169Utilities Chief
1171Hygiene Equipment Operator
1172Well Driller
1173Hygiene Equipment Repair Specialist
1179Hygiene Equipment Chief
1181Fabric Repair Specialist
1182Office Machine Repair Specialist
1183Repair Chief
1300"Basic Engineer, Construction, and Equipment Marine"
1301"Basic Engineer, Construction, and Equipment Officer"
1302Engineer Officer
1305Shore Party Officer
1310Engineer Equipment Officer
1316Metal Worker
1320Utilities Officer
1330Facilities Management Officer
1341Engineer Equipment Mechanic
1342Ground Control Approach Equipment Mechanic
1345Engineer Equipment Operator
1346Rock Quarry Operator
1349Engineer Equipment Chief
1360Construction Officer
1361Engineer Assistant
1371Combat Engineer
1372Atomic Demolition Employment Technician
1379Engineer Operations Chief
1381Shore Party Specialist
1390Bulk Fuel Officer
1391Bulk Fuel Specialist
1400"Basic Drafting, Surveying and Mapping Marine"
1401Basic Mapping Officer
1402Mapping Officer
1411Construction Drafter
1422Surveying and Drafting Chief
1431Map Compiler
1441Construction Surveyor
1442Geodetic Surveyor
1449Survey and Drafting Chief
1453Mapping Chief
1500Basic Printing and Reproduction Marine
1501Basic Printing and Reproduction Officer
1502Reproduction Officer
1521Reproduction Equipment Specialist
1522Offset Press Operator
1531Plate Layout Processor
1532Process Camera Operator
1541Reproduction Chief
1542Reproduction Equipment Repairer
1800Basic Tank and Assault Amphibious Vehicle Crewman
1801Basic Tank and Amphibian Vehicle Officer
1802Tank Officer
1803Assault Amphibious Vehicle Officer
1811M60A1 Tank Crewman
1812M1A1 Tank Crewman
1831Armored Amphibian Crewman
1833Assault Amphibious Vehicle (AAV) Crewman
2000Basic Ordnance Marine
2002Ordnance Officer
2010Tracked Vehicle Maintenance Officer
2020Weapons Repair Officer
2025Instrument Repair Officer
2040Ammunition Officer
2045Explosive Ordnance Disposal Officer
2070Weapons Systems Engineer
2100Basic Ordnance Marine
2101Basic Ordnance Officer
2102Ordnance Officer
2105         Battalion Surgeon        USN/FMF 
2110Ordnance Vehicle Maintenance Officer
2111Small Arms Repairer/Technician
2112Rifle Team Equipment Repairer
2120Weapons Repair Officer
2125Electro-Optic Instrument Repair Officer
2131Towed Artillery Systems Technician
2141Assault Amphibious Vehicle (AAV) Repairer/Technician
2142"Tracked Vehicle Repairer, Assault Amphibious Vehicle"
2143Self-Propelled Artillery (SPARTY) Repairer/Techniciam
2144"Tracked Vehicle Repairer, Self-Propelled"
2145Combat Tank Repairer/Technician
2146Main Battle Tank (MBT) Repairer/Technician
2147Light Armored Vehicle (LAV) Repairer/Technician
2149Ordnance Vehicle Maintenance Chief
2151Tank Turret Repairman
2170Weapons Systems Engineer
2171Electro-Optical Ordnance Repairer
2172Electro-Optical Equipment Technician
2175Electro-Optical Ordnance Technician
2181Senior Ground Ordnance Weapons Chief
2182Ordnance Electronics Equipment Chief
2191Ordnance Chief
2192Weapons Chief
2193Tracked Vehicle Chief
2300Basic Ammunition and Explosive Ordnance Disposal Marine
2301Basic Ammunition and Explosive Ordnance Disposal Officer
2305Explosive Ordnance Disposal Officer
2311Ammunition Technician
2335Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician (Conventional Weapons)
2336Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician
2340Ammunition Officer
2362Ground Nuclear Ordnance Technician
2500Basic Operational Communicator
2501Communication Officer Basic
2502Communication Officer
2503Telecommunications Operations Officer
2505Telecommunication Systems Officer
2510Signals Intelligence Electronic Warfare
2512Field Wireman
2513Construction Wireman
2514Unit Level Switchboard Installer/Maintainer
2515ULS Central Office Operator/Maintainer
2519Wire Chief
2531Field Radio Operator
2532Equipment Operator
2533Radio Telegraph Operator
2534High Frequency Communication Central Operator
2535Fleet SATCOM Terminal Operator
2536Ground Mobile Forces SATCOM Operator
2537Radio Chief
2538Fleet SATCOM Radio Chief
2539Ground Mobile Forces SATCOM Radio Chief
2542Communication Center Operator
2549Communication Center Chief
2571Special Radio Operator
2573Traffic Analyst
2575Special Communication Operator
2581Radio Frequency Management Technician
2585PLRS Master Station Operator
2591Operational Communication Chief
2600Basic Signals Intelligence/Ground Electronic Warfare Operator
2601Basic Signals Intelligence/Electronic Warfare Officer
2621Manual Morse Intercept Operator
2622Radio Direction Finder Operator
2629Signals Intelligence Analyst
2631Non-Morse Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) Intercept Operator/Analyst
2632Non-Communications Intercept Operator/An
2639Non-Morse Communications/Electronic Intelligence
2641Voice Intercept Operator
2642Cryptologic Translator/Transcriber
2643Cryptologic Translator
2651Special Intelligence Communicator
2659Special Intelligence Communication Supervisor
2669Cryptologic Support Specialist
2670Cryptologic Translator
2671"Cryptologic Linguist, Arabic"
2672"Cryptologic Linguist, Chinese"
2673"Cryptologic Linguist, Korean"
2674"Cryptologic Linguist, Spanish"
2675"Cryptologic Linguist, Russian"
2691Signals Intelligence/Electronic Warfare Chief
2800Basic Data/Communications Maintenance Marine
2801Basic Data/Communications Maintenance Officer
2802Electronics Maintenance Officer (Ground)
2803Communications Engineer
2810Telephone Systems Officer
2811Telephone Technician
2813Cable Systems Technician
2814Central Office Installer Repairer
2815KW-7 Cryptographic Technician
2818Teletype and Tactical Office Machine Technician
2819KG/13 Teletype Technician
2820Calibration Officer
2821Computer Technician
2822Electronic Switching Equipment Technician
2823Technical Controller
2824Microcomputer Repairer
2825Fixed Ciphony Technician
2826Digital Subscriber Terminal Equipment Technician
2827Mobile Data Terminal Technician
2828KW-26 Terminal Technician
2829Mobile Communication Central Technician
2830Ground Radar Maintenance Officer
2831Microwave Equipment Technician
2832Microwave Equipment Technician
2833Fleet Satellite Terminal Technician
2834Ground Mobile Forces SATCOM Technician
2841Ground Radio Repairer
2842PLRS Maintenance Technician
2843PLRS Support Maintenance Technician
2845Ground Organizational Radio Repairer
2851Aviation Radio Repairman
2853Aviation Meteorological Equipment Repair
2855Marine Air-Ground Intelligence Systems (MAGIS) Technician
2861Radio Technician
2864Satellite Terminal Technician
2866Aviation Radio Technician
2867AN/TSC-95 Radio Technician
2871Test Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment Technician
2872Electronic Calibration Technician
2873Mechanical Calibration Technician
2874Metrology Technician
2875Small Missile System Technician
2877Radiac Instrument Technician
2881Communication Security Equipment Technician
2882KG-30 COMSEC Technician
2884Ground Radar Repairer
2885Artillery Electronic System Repairer
2886Artillery Electronics Repairer
2887Counter Mortar Radar Repairer
2888Counter Mortar Radar Repairman
2889Ground Radar Technician
2891Data/Communications Maintenance Chief
2894Calibration Chief
3000Basic Supply Administration and Operations Marine
3001Basic Supply Administration and Operations Officer
3002Ground Supply Officer
3025Engineer Supply Officer
3040Contracting Officer
3041Supply Administrative Man - Manual Accounting
3042Supply Administrative Man - Mechanized Accounting
3043Supply Administration and Operations Clerk
3044Purchasing and Contracting Specialist
3050Warehousing Officer
3051Warehouse Clerk
3052Packaging Specialist
3060Aviation Supply Officer
3061Subsistence Supply Clerk
3070Aviation Supply Operations Officer
3071"Supply Man, Manual Account"
3072Aviation Supply Clerk
3073Automated Information Systems (AIS) Computer Operator
3081Purchasing and Contracting Specialist
3090Contracting Officer
3091Supply Administration and Operations Chief
3092Warehouse Supply Chief
3095Aviation Supply Chief
3100Basic Traffic Management Marine
3101Basic Transportation Officer
3102Traffic Management Officer
3111Freight Operations Clerk
3112Traffic Management Specialist
3121Freight Transportation Clerk
3122Air Freight Transportation Clerk
3141Passenger Transportation Clerk
3191Transportation Chief
3200Basic Supply Services Man
3202Repair Services Officer
3211Fabric Repair Specialist
3212Fabric Repair Chief
3241Office Machine Repair Specialist
3242Office Machine Repair Chief
3253Repair Chief
3261Laundry Machine Operator
3300Basic Food Service Marine
3301Basic Food Service Officer
3302Food Service Officer
3310Food Service Operations Officer (Bakery)
3361Subsistence Supply Clerk
3372Enlisted Aide
3373Veterinary Technician
3381Food Service Specialist
3400"Basic Auditing, Finance, and Accounting Marine"
3401"Basic Auditing, Finance, and Accounting Officer"
3402Disbursing Officer
3404Financial Management Officer
3406Financial Accounting Officer
3410NAF Auditing Officer
3415Financial Management Officer
3421Personal Financial Records Clerk
3431Travel Clerk
3432Disburser/Disbursing Chief
3441Auditing Technician
3451Accounting Technician
3452Accounting Analyst/Finance Chief
3500Basic Motor Transport Marine
3501Basic Motor Transport Officer
3510Motor Transport Maintenance Officer
3513Body Repair Mechanic
3516Automotive Mechanic
3519Motor Transport Chief
3521Organizational Automotive Mechanic
3522Intermediate Automotive Mechanic
3523Vehicle Recovery Mechanic
3524Fuel and Electrical Systems Mechanic
3525Crash/Fire/Rescue Vehicle Mechanic
3529Motor Transport Maintenance Chief
3531Motor Vehicle Operator
3532Amphibious Cargo Carrier Operator
3533Logistics Vehicle System Operator
3534Semitrailer Refueler Operator
3535Light Vehicle Operator
3537Motor Transport Operations Chief
3538Licensing Examiner
4000Basic Data Systems Marine
4001Basic Data Systems Officer
4002Data Systems Officer
4003Systems Analysis Officer
4005Systems Development Officer
4006Data Systems Operations Officer
4010Data Systems Software Officer
4013Card Punch Operator
4014Electric Accounting Machine Operator
4015Officer-line Equipment Operator
4016Data Processing Equipment Operator
4019Data Systems Librarian
4024Computer Operator
4025Network Control Specialist
4033Computer Operator IBM S/360
4034Computer Operator
4036Multi-Systems Controller
4038Data Control Specialist
4041Teleprocessing Specialist
4044"Operator/Programmer, UNIVAC 1500"
4051"Programmer, Computer NCR"
4053"Programmer, Computer RCA 3301"
4057"Programmer, Symbolic 1401"
4058"Programmer, Autocoder 1401"
4063Programmer (COBOL)
4065"Programmer, ALC"
4066Programmer (Small Computer System Specialist)
4067"Programmer, ADA"
4069Systems Programmer
4071Data Base Management System (DBMS) Specialist
4075Computer Security Specialist
4093Data Systems Operation Chief
4095Data Systems Programming Chief
4098Systems Software Chief
4099Data Processing Chief
4100Basic Marine Corps Exchange Marine
4101Basic Marine Corps Exchange Officer
4105        Chaplain      USN/FMF (Padre)
4111"Bookkeeper, Nonappropriated Funds"
4130Marine Corps Exchange Officer
4131Exchange Marine
4132Club Manager/Treasurer
4133"Morale, Welfare, Recreation (MWR) Specialist"
4191Exchange Chief
4300Basic Public Affairs Marine
4301Basic Public Affairs Officer
4302Public Affairs Officer
4312Print Journalist
4313Broadcast Journalist
4321Print Journalist
4330Historical Officer
4391Public Affairs Chief
4400Basic Legal Services Marine
4401Student Judge Advocate
4402Judge Advocate
4409Law Officer I
4420Legal Services Officer
4421Legal Services Specialist
4422Legal Services Reporter SPCM (Closed Mic)
4423Legal Services Reporter GCM (Closed Micr)
4424Legal Services Reporter-GCM (Stenotype)
4425Legal Services Notereader/Transcriber-Stenotype
4429Legal Services Reporter (Stenotype)
4449Legal Services Chief
4600Basic Training and Visual Information Support Marine
4601Basic Training and Audiovisual Support Officer
4602Training and Visual Information Support Officer
4611Graphics Specialist
4621Training Equipment and Library Specialist
4632Photographic Equipment Repairman
4633Photographic Quality Control Specialist
4641Combat Photographic Specialist
4642Combat Photographic Technician
4651Television Production Specialist
4652Audiovisual Equipment Operator
4653Combat Visual Information Equipment Technician
4671Combat Motion Media Photographer
4672Motion Media Editor/Scriptwriter
4673Audio/Television Production Specialist
4675Photographic Laboratory Technician
4681Motion Picture Film Editor
4691Training and Visual Information Support Chief
4900Basic Training Support Man
4902Training Aids Officer
4915Range Officer
4921Audiovisual Librarian
4931Audiovisual Equipment Operator
4941Audiovisual Equipment Technician
4991Training Support Chief
5500Basic Musician
5501Basic Band Officer
5502Band Officer
5505Drum and Bugle Corps Officer
5519Enlisted Band Leader
5521Band Drum Major
5523Instrument Repair Specialist
5526"Musician, Oboe/English Horn"
5528"Musician, Bassoon"
5534"Musician, Clarinet"
5536"Musician, Flute and Piccolo"
5537"Musician, Saxophone"
5541"Musician, Cornet/Trumpet"
5543"Musician, Baritone Horn/Euphonium"
5544"Musician, French Horn"
5546"Musician, Trombone"
5547"Musician, Tuba and String Bass/Electric Bass"
5562"Bandsman, Timpani/Xylophone, and Marimba"
5563"Musician, Percussion (Drums, Timpani, and Mallets)"
5565"Musician, Piano or Guitar"
5567"Arranger, Band"
5571Drum and Bugle Corps Drum Major
5574"Musician, Soprano or Mellophone Bugle"
5576"Musician, French Horn Bugle"
5577"Musician, Bass Baritone Bugle"
5579"Musician, Contrabass Bugle"
5592Drum and Bugle Corps Arranger
5593"Musician, Percussion (Drum and Bugle Corps)"
5700"Basic Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Marine"
5701"Basic Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Officer"
5702"Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) Officer"
5710Marine Wing Weapons Unit Officer
5711Nuclear Biological and Chemical Defense Specialist
5712Chemical Technical Escort
5715Nuclear and Chemical Weapons Employment Officer
5720Ground Nuclear Weapons Assembly Officer
5761Marine Wing Weapons Unit Specialist
5800Basic Military Police and Corrections Marine
5801Basic Military Police and Corrections Officer
5803Military Police Officer
5804Corrections Officer
5811Military Police
5812Military Police Dog Handler
5813Accident Investigator
5814Crime Prevention/Physical Security Specialist
5821Criminal Investigator
5822Polygraph Examiner
5831Correctional Specialist
5832Correctional Counselor
5900Basic Electronics Maintenance Marine
5901Basic Electronics Maintenance Officer
5902Electronics Maintenance Officer (Aviation)
5903Electronics Engineer
5905Electronics Officer
5907Ground Launched Missile System Maintenance Officer
5910Aviation Radar Maintenance Officer
5911Microminiature Circuit Repair Specialist
5920Calibration Officer
5921Hawk Fire Control Repairer
5922Hawk Information Coordination Central Repairer
5923Hawk Firing Section Repairer
5924Hawk Pulse Radar Technician
5925Hawk Continuous Wave Radar Technician
5926Improved Hawk Automatic Fire Distribution and Engagement Simulator Technician
5927Hawk Fire Control Technician
5928Hawk Missile System Maintenance Technician
5929Hawk Mechanical System Repairer
5931Ground Radar Repairman
5932FADAC Radar Repairman
5933Artillery Electronics Repairman
5934Weapons Location Equipment Repairman
5935Counter Mortar Radar Repairman
5936Ground Radar Technician
5937Aviation Radio Repairer
5938Aviation Meteorological Equipment Technician
5939Aviation Radio Technician
5941Aviation Radar Repairman
5942Aviation Radar Repairer (AN/TPS-59)
5943Aviation Fire Control Repairer
5944Aviation Radar Repairer (AN/TPS-63)
5945Aviation Radar Repairer (AN/TPS-32)
5947Aviation Fire Control Technician
5948Aviation Radar Technician
5950Air Traffic Control Systems Maintenance Officer
5951Air Traffic Control Maintenance Trainee
5952Air Traffic Control Navigational Aids Technician
5953Air Traffic Control Radar Technician
5954Air Traffic Control Communications Technician
5955Air Traffic Control Navigational Aids Repairer
5956Marine Air Traffic Control Unit Radar Repairer
5957Air Traffic Control Radar Repairer
5958Air Traffic Control Communications Repairer
5959Air Traffic Control Systems Maintenance Chief
5962Tactical Air Command Central Repairer
5963Tactical Air Operations Central Repairer
5964Tactical Data Communications Central Repairer
5970Data Systems Maintenance Officer
5974Tactical Air Command Central Technician
5977Tactical General Purpose Computer Technician
5978Tactical Data Communications Central Technician
5979Tactical Air Operations Central Technician
5981Digital Data Systems Technician
5982Computer Systems Technician Honeywell DPS6 (AN/UYK-65V) System
5991Electronics Maintenance Chief
5993Electronics Maintenance Chief
5994Tactical Data Systems Maintenance Chief
5995Missile System Maintenance Chief
5996Digital Data System Maintenance Chief
6000Basic Aircraft Maintenance Marine
6001Basic Aircraft Maintenance Officer
6002Aircraft Maintenance Officer
6004Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Officer
6005Aeronautical Engineer
6007Flight Equipment Officer
6009Aircraft Maintenance Ground Support Equipment
6011Aircraft Mechanic-Trainee
6012Aircraft Mechanic A-4/TA-4/OA-4
6013"Aircraft Mechanic, A-6, EA-6"
6014"Aircraft Mechanic, F-4/RF4"
6015"Aircraft Mechanic, AV-8/TAV-8"
6016"Aircraft Mechanic, KC-130"
6017"Aircraft Mechanic, F/A-18"
6018"Aircraft Mechanic, OV-10"
6019Aircraft Maintenance Chief
6020"Aircraft Mechanic, F-14A"
6021"Aircraft Power Plants Mechanic, Chief"
6022"Aircraft Power Plants Mechanic, J-52"
6023"Aircraft Power Plants Mechanic, T-76"
6024"Aircraft Power Plants Mechanic, J-79"
6025"Aircraft Power Plants Mechanic, Rolls Royce Pegasus"
6026"Aircraft Power Plants Mechanic, T-56"
6027"Aircraft Power Plants Mechanic, F-404"
6028Aircraft Mechanic Reciprocating
6029Airframe Chief Fixed Wing
6031"Aircraft Flight Engineer, KC-130 - Trainee"
6032"Aircraft Flight Engineer, KC-130"
6034Spectrometric Oil Analysis Technician
6035Aircraft Power Plants Test Cell Operator Fixed-Wing
6036Aircraft Propeller Mechanic
6037AV-8A/C Maintenance Specialist
6038AV-8B Maintenance Specialist
6041Aircraft Structures Mechanic-Trainee
6042Aircraft Structures Mechanic
6043Aircraft Welder
6044Aircraft Nondestructive Inspection Technician
6046Aircraft Maintenance Administration Clerk
6047Aircraft Maintenance Data Analysis Technician
6048Aircraft Maintenance Computer Systems Analyst/Operator
6051Aircraft Hydraulic/Pneumatic Mechanic-Trainee
6052Aircraft Hydraulic/Pneumatic Mechanic A-4/TA-4
6053Aircraft Hydraulic/Pneumatic Mechanic A-6/EA-6
6054Aircraft Hydraulic/Pneumatic Mechanic F-4
6055Aircraft Hydraulic/Pneumatic Mechanic AV-8/TAV-8
6056Aircraft Hydraulic/Pneumatic Mechanic KC-130
6057Aircraft Hydraulic/Pneumatic Mechanic F/A-18
6058Aircraft Hydraulic/Pneumatic Mechanic OV-10
6059A/C Airframes Maintenance Chief
6060Flight Equipment Marine
6061Aircraft Safety Equipment Mechanic-Trainee
6062Aircraft Safety Equipment Mechanic
6064Flight Equipment Marine
6067Aircraft Safety Equipment Chief
6068Cryogenics Equipment Operator
6071Aircraft Maintenance Ground Support Equipment Mechanic - Trainee
6072Aircraft Maintenance Ground Support Equipment Hydraulic/Pneumatic/Structures Mechanic
6073Aircraft Maintenance Ground Support Equipment Electrician/ Refrigeration Mechanic
6075Cryogenics Equipment Operator
6076Aircraft Maintenance GSE Hydraulic/Pneumatic/Structural Mechanic
6077Aircraft Maintenance Ground Support Equipment
6078Aircraft Maintenance GSE Refrigeration Mechanic
6079Aircraft Maintenance Ground Support Equipment Chief
6081Aircraft Safety Equipment Mechanic - Trainee
6082"Aircraft Safety Equipment Mechanic, A-4/TA-4"
6083Aircraft Safety Equipment Mechanic A-6/EA-6
6084Aircraft Safety Equipment Mechanic F-4
6085"Aircraft Safety Equipment Mechanic, AV-8/TAV-8"
6086"Aircraft Safety Equipment Mechanic, KC-130"
6087"Aircraft Safety Equipment Mechanic, F/A-18"
6088Aircraft Safety Equipment Mechanic OV-10
6089"Aircraft Safety Equipment Mechanic, A-6/EA-6"
6090Aircraft Safety Equipment Chief
6091Aircraft Structures Mechanic-Trainee
6092Aircraft Structures Mechanic A-4/TA-4
6093Aircraft Structures Mechanic A-6/EA-6
6094Aircraft Structures Mechanic F-4
6095Aircraft Structures Mechanic AV-8/TAV-8
6096Aircraft Structures Mechanic KC-130
6097Aircraft Structures Mechanic F/A-18
6098Aircraft Structures Mechanic OV-10
6111Helicopter Mechanic - Trainee
6112"Helicopter Mechanic, CH-46"
6113Helicopter Mechanic CH-53 A/D/E
6114"Helicopter Mechanic, U/AH-1"
6115"Helicopter Mechanic, MV-22"
6119Helicopter Maintenance Chief
6121Helicopter Power Plants Mechanic - Trainee
6122"Helicopter Power Plants Mechanic, T-58"
6123"Helicopter Power Plants Mechanic, T-64"
6124"Helicopter Power Plants Mechanic, T-400/T-700"
6125"Helicopter Power Plants Mechanic, MV-22"
6129Airframe Chief Rotary Wing
6131Helicopter Dynamic Components Mechanic - Trainee
6132Helicopter Dynamic Components Mechanic
6135Aircraft Power Plants Test Cell Operator Rotary Wing
6142Helicopter Structures Mechanic CH-46
6143Helicopter Structures Mechanic CH-53
6144Helicopter Structures Mechanic U/AH-1
6145Helicopter Structures Mechanic MV-22
6152Helicopter Hydraulic/Pneumatic Mechanic CH-46
6153Helicopter Hydraulic/Pneumatic Mechanic CH-53
6154Helicopter Hydraulic/Pneumatic Mechanic U/AH-1
6155Helicopter Hydraulic/Pneumatic Mechanic MV-22
6159Helicopter Airframes Maintenance Chief
6162Presidential Support Specialist
6167Helicopter Crew Chief
6172"Helicopter Crew Chief, CH-46"
6173Helicopter Crew Chiefs CH-53
6174Helicopter Crew Chief UH-1
6175"Helicopter Crew Chief, MV-22"
6176"Helicopter Crew Chief, V-22"
6202Avionics Officer
6234"Aircraft Radar Attack Systems Technician, A6"
6236"Aircraft Missile Control Systems Technician, F4B"
6242"Aircraft Electrical Systems Technician, Transport and Helicopter"
6243"Aircraft Electrical Systems Technician, TA4/A4/F8/F4/RF4"
6261"Aviation Training Devices Technician/Instructor, General"
6267"Aircraft Training Devices Technician/Instructor, A/EA-6"
6300Basic Avionics Marine
6301Basic Avionics Officer
6302Avionics Officer
6311Aircraft Communications/Navigation/Electrical/Weapon Systems  Technician - Trainee OMA
6312   Aircraft Communications/Navigation/Electrical/Weapon/DECM Systems Technician A-4/TA-4/OA-4
6313Aircraft Communications/Navigation/Electrical/Weapon/DECM Systems Technician A-6/EA-6
6314Aircraft Communications/Navigation/Electrical/Weapon/DECM Systems Technician RF-4/f4
6315Aircraft Communications/Navigation/Electrical/Weapon/DECM Systems Technician AV-8
6316Aircraft Communications/Navigation/Electrical/Weapon/DECM Systems Technician KC-130
6317Aircraft Communications/Navigation/Electrical/Weapon/DECM Systems Technician F/A-18
6318Aircraft Communications/Navigation/Electrical/Weapon/DECM Systems Technician OV-10
6322Aircraft Communications/Navigation/Electrical/Weapon/DECM Systems Technician CH-46
6323Aircraft Communications/Navigation/Electrical/Weapon/DECM Systems Technician CH-53
6324Aircraft Communications/Navigation/Electrical/Weapon/DECM Systems Technician U/AH-1
6325Aircraft Communications/Navigation/Electrical/Weapon/DECM Systems Technician V-22
6331Aircraft Electrical Systems Technician - Trainee
6332Aircraft Electronic Systems Technician A-4/TA-4/OA-4
6333Aircraft Electrical Systems Technician A-6/EA-6/TC-4C
6334Aircraft Electronic Systems Technician RF-4/F-4
6335"Aircraft Electrical Systems Technician, AV-8"
6336"Aircraft Electrical Systems Technician, KC-130"
6337"Aircraft Electrical Systems Technician, F/A-18"
6342Aircraft Electronic Systems Technician CH-46
6343Aircraft Electronic Systems Technician CH-53
6344Aircraft Electronic Systems Technician U/AH1
6345Aircraft Electronic Systems Technician CH-53E
6351Advanced Avionics Technician-Trainee
6352Aircraft Weapons Systems Specialist A-4/TA-4/OA-4
6353Aircraft Weapons Systems Specialist A-6/TC-4C
6354Aircraft Weapons Systems Specialist F-4S
6355Aircraft Weapons Systems Specialist AV-8
6357Aircraft Weapons Systems Specialist F/A-18
6359Aircraft Weapons Systems Specialist EA-6A
6362"Aircraft Weapons Systems Specialist, F-4"
6363Aircraft Radar Reconnaissance/Camera Systems Technician RF-4B
6364"Aircraft Weapons Systems Specialist, Helicopter"
6365"Aircraft Communication/Navigation/Radar Systems Technician, EA-6"
6367Aircraft Integrated Weapon Systems Technician
6371"Aerial Camera Systems Technician, Trainee"
6372Aerial Camera Systems Technician
6374Imagery Interpretation Equipment Repairer
6384"Aircraft Electronic Counter-Measures Systems Technician, EA-6"
6385"Aircraft Active Electronic Countermeasures Systems Technician,"
6386"Aircraft Electronic Countermeasures Systems Technician, EA-6B"
6391Avionics Maintenance Chief
6400Basic Aircraft Maintenance Man
6401Basic Avionics Officer
6402Aircraft Maintenance Officer
6411Aircraft Communications/Navigation Systems Technician-Trainee IMA
6412"Aircraft Communications Systems Technician, IMA"
6413"Aircraft Communication System Tech, Helicopter/KC-130/OV-10"
6414Advanced Aircraft Communications/Navigation Systems Technician IMA
6415"Aircraft Navigation Systems Technician, Radar, IMA"
6416"Aircraft Navigation Systems Technician,"
6422Aircraft Cryptographic Systems Technician IMA
6423Aviation Electronic Micro-Miniature/Instrument and Cable Repair Technician
6431Aircraft Electrical Systems Technician - Trainee
6432"Aircraft Electrical/Instrument/Flight Control Systems Technician, Fixed Wing, IMA"
6433"Aircraft Electronic/Instruments System Tech, Helo/KC-130/OV-10"
6434Advanced Aircraft Electrical/Instrument/Flight Control Systems Technician IMA
6435"Aircraft Flight Control/ADC System Tech, Hel/KC-130/OV-10"
6442A/C Analog Display System SACE Technician
6443"Aircraft Ballistics Computer Technician, A-6E, IMA"
6444"Aircraft Radar Systems Technician, A-6E/"
6445"Aircraft Inertial Navigation System SACE Technician, A-6, IMA"
6446Semi-Automatic Checkout Equipment (SACE)
6452"Aircraft ALQ-99 Jammer Systems Tech, IMA"
6453Aircraft ALQ-99 Track and Surveillance Systems Technician
6454Aircraft ALQ-99 Display/AYA-6 Systems Technician
6455"ECM Module Repair Technician, IMA"
6462"Avionics Test Set (ATS) Technician, IMA"
6463"Radar Test Station (RTS)/Radar Systems Test Station (RSTS) Technician, IMA"
6464"Carrier Aircraft Inertial Navigation Systems (CAINS) Technician, IMA"
6465"Hybrid Test Set Technician, IMA"
6466"Aircraft Forward Looking Infrared/Electro-Optical Technician, IMA"
6467Aircraft RADCOM/Cat IIID Technician IMA
6468"Aircraft Electrical Equipment Test Set (EETS)/Mobile Electronic Test Set (METS) Technician, IMA"
6469Advanced Automatic Test Equipment Technician IMA
6472"Aircraft Weapons Systems Technician, A-4/AV-8, IMA"
6473"Aircraft Weapons Systems Technician, AERO-1A, IMA"
6474"Aircraft Weapons Systems Technician, AWG-10, IMA"
6475Aircraft Radar/IR Reconnaissance Systems Technician IMA
6476Aerial Camera/ADAS Systems Technician IMA
6477Aircraft Forward Looking Infrared/Tow Technician
6478Advanced Aircraft Weapons System Technician IMA
6482Aircraft Electronic Countermeasures Systems Technician Fixed Wing IMA
6483"Aircraft Electronic Countermeasures Systems Technician, Helicopter, IMA"
6484"Aircraft Electronic Countermeasures Systems Technician, EA-6, IMA"
6485Advanced Aircraft Electronic Countermeasures Technician IMA
6491Aviation Precision Measurement Equipment (PME) Chief
6492Aviation Precision Measurement Equipment/Automatic Test  Equipment Calibration and Repair Technician IMA
6493Aviation Meteorological Equipment Technician OMA/IMA
6494Computer Systems Technician Honeywell DPS-6 AN/UYK-65 V System IMA
6500Basic Aviation Ordnance Marine
6501Basic Aviation Ordnance Officer
6502Aviation Ordnance Officer
6505Marine Wing Weapons Unit Officer
6511Aviation Ordnance Trainee
6521Aviation Ordnance Ammunition Technician
6531Aircraft Ordnance Technician
6532"Aircraft Ordnance Technician, A-4/TA-4/OA-4"
6533Aviation Ordnance Chief
6534"Aircraft Ordnance Technician, F-4/RF-4"
6535"Aircraft Ordnance Technician, AV-8"
6536"Aircraft Ordnance Technician, Rotary Wing/OV-10"
6537"Aircraft Ordnance Technician, F/A-18"
6538"Aircraft Ordnance Technician, OV-10"
6541Aviation Ordnance Equipment Repair Technician
6542Aviation Ordnance Equipment Repair Technician
6561Marine Wing Weapons Unit Specialist
6591Aviation Ordnance Chief
6600Basic Aviation Supply Marine
6602Aviation Supply Officer
6604Aviation Supply Operations Officer
6611A/C Communications/Navigation Systems Technician
6612Aircraft Communication./Navigation Systems Technician
6613Aircraft Communication./Navigation Systems Technician
6614Aircraft Communication./Navigation Systems Technician
6615Aircraft Communications/Navigation System
6616Aircraft Communications/Navigation System
6617Aircraft Communications Systems Technician
6618Aircraft Navigation Systems Technician
6619Aircraft Navigation Systems Technician
6620Aircraft Navigation Systems Technician
6621Aircraft Avionics Repair Technician-Trainee
6622Aircraft Cryptographic Systems Technician
6623A/C Passive Electronic Countermeasures Systems Technician
6624A/C Active Electronic Countermeasures Systems Technician
6625Aircraft Radar Reconnaissance Systems Technician
6626A/C Passive Electronic Countermeasures Systems Technician
6627A/C Active Electronic Countermeasures Systems Technician
6628A/C Deceptive Electronic Countermeasures Systems Technician
6629Aircraft Radar/IR Reconnaissance Systems Technician
6631Aircraft Electrical Systems Technician-Trainee
6632Aircraft Electrical Systems Technician
6633Aircraft Electrical Systems Technician
6634Aircraft Electrical Systems Technician
6635Aircraft Electrical Systems Technician
6636Aircraft Electrical Systems Technician
6637Aircraft Electrical Systems Technician
6638Aircraft Electrical/Instrument Systems Technician
6639A/C Flight Control and Air Data Computer System Technician
6640Aviation Electronic Micro-Miniature Repair
6641"Aircraft Weapon Systems Specialist, Trainee"
6642"Aircraft Weapon Systems Specialist, A-6E"
6643"Aircraft Weapon Systems Specialist, EA-6"
6644"Aircraft Weapon Systems Specialist, A-4"
6645A/C Analog Display System SACE Technician
6646"Aircraft Weapon Systems Technician, A-4/TA-4/OA-4"
6647Aircraft Ballistics Computer Technician
6648"Aircraft Radar Systems Technician, A-6E/A-6"
6649Aircraft Forward Looking Infrared/Tow Technician
6650"Vast Technician, IMA"
6651"Vast Repair Technician, IMA"
6652Aircraft Search/Track Radar SACE Technician
6653Aircraft Ballistics Computer SACE Technician
6654Aircraft Inertial Navigation Systems SACE Technician
6655Semi-Automatic Checkout Equipment (SACE)
6656"Aircraft Weapon Systems Specialist, F-4N"
6657"Aircraft Weapon Systems Specialist, F-4J"
6658"Aircraft Weapon Systems Technician, Aero"
6659"Aircraft Weapons Systems Technician, AWG-10,IMA"
6660"Aircraft Weapon Systems Specialist, Helicopter"
6662Aircraft Communications/Navigation/Radar Technician
6663Aircraft Electronic Countermeasures Systems Technician
6664Aircraft ALQ-99 Jammer Systems Technician
6665Aircraft ALQ-99 Track and Surveillance Systems Technician
6666Aircraft ALQ-99 Display/AYA-6 Systems Technician
6667"ECM Module Repair Technician, IMA"
6668Aviation PME Calibration Technician
6669Aviation PME and ATE Repair Technician
6672Aerial Camera Systems Technician
6673"Aerial Camera, ADAS Systems Technician"
6674Imagery Interpretation Equipment Repair
6675Aviation Photographic Film Processor
6678"Aircraft Weapon Systems Specialist, F-14A"
6679Aviation Photographic/Electronic Systems
6682Aviation PME Calibration Technician
6683Aviation Precision Measurement/Auto Test
6689Aviation PME Chief
6691Avionics Maintenance Chief
6700Basic Air-Control/Anti-Air Warfare Man
6701Basic Air Control/Anti-Air Warfare Officer
6702Basic Air Control/Anti-Air Warfare Officer
6703Guided Missile Systems Officer
6704Anti-Air Warfare Officer
6708Air Support Control Officer
6709Air Defense Control Officer
6710Air Defense Control Officer
6720"Air Traffic Control Officer, Automated Systems"
6722Ground Controlled Approach Controller
6724Radar Approach Controller
6725Airborne Radio Operator
6755"Air Control Electronics Operator, Manual System"
6756"Air Control Electronics Operator, Automated System"
6757Air Support Operations Operator
6759"Air Command, Control, and Defense Systems Supervisor"
6786Aerial Navigator
6800Basic Weather Service Marine
6801Basic Weather Service Officer
6802Weather Service Officer
6821Weather Observer
6822Rawinsonde Operator
6831Weather Observer/Rawinsonde Operator
6842Weather Forecaster
7000Basic Airfield Services Marines
7001Basic Airfield Services Officer
7002Aircraft Fire Protection and Recovery Officer
7011Aircraft Recovery Specialist
7041Aviation Operations Specialist
7051Aircraft Firefighting and Rescue Specialist
7100Basic Air Delivery Man
7102Flight Equipment Officer
7140Air Delivery Officer
7141Air Delivery Man
7200Basic Air Control/Air Support/AntiAir Warfare Marine
7201Basic Air Control/Anti-Air Warfare Officer
7203Forward Area Air Defense Officer
7204Surface-To-Air Weapons Officer
7207Forward Air Controller
7208Air Support Control Officer
7210Air Defense Control Officer
7212Low Altitude Air Defense (LAAD) Gunner
7220"Forward Air Controller (Airborne)/Tactical Air Coordinator (Airborne), OA-4M"
7221Hawk Missile System Operator
7222Hawk Missile System Operator
7231Air Command and Control Electronics Operator
7234Air Command and Control Electronics Operator
7236Tactical Air Defense Controller
7239"Air Command, Control and Defense System"
7241Air Support Operations Operator
7242Air Support Operations Operator
7277Weapons and Tactics Instructor-Air Control
7300Basic Air Traffic Controller/Enlisted Flight Crew Marine
7301Basic Air Traffic Control Officer
7302Pilot VMF
7304Pilot VMR
7305Pilot VMR (AW) Single Place
7307Pilot VMR (AW) Multi Place
7308Pilot VMGR
7311Air Traffic Controller-Trainee
7312Air Traffic Controller-Tower
7320Air Traffic Control Officer
7321Air Traffic Controller
7322Air Traffic Controller-Radar
7324Radar Approach Controller
7330Radar Approach Controller
7331Pilot VME (Prop)
7333Pilot VME (Jet)
7335Pilot HMH
7354Airborne Electronic Countermeasures/Reconnaissance Officer
7371Aerial Navigator - Trainee
7372First Navigator
7380Aerial Navigation Officer
7381Airborne Radio Operator/Loadmaster-Trainee
7382Airborne Radio Operator/Loadmaster
7391Air Traffic Control Operations Chief
7398Basic Pilot
7500"Pilot VMA , FRS Basic A-4M"
7501Pilot VMA A-4 Qualified
7507FRS Basic AV-8B Pilot
7508Pilot AV-8A/C Qualified
7509Pilot AV-8B Qualified
7510Pilot VMA (AW) FRS Basic A-6E
7511Pilot VMA (AW) FRS Basic A-6E
7518Attack Training Officer
7519Attack Training Officer (AW)
7520FRS Basic F-4S Pilot
7521FRS Basic F/A-18 Pilot
7522Pilot VMFA F-4S Qualified
7523Pilot VMFA F/A-18 Qualified
7524FRS Basic F/A-18D Weapons Systems Officer (WSO)
7525Qualified F/A-18D WSO
7527Pilot VMFA F/A-18D Qualified
7528Fighter Training Officer
7529Fighter Training Officer (AW)
7530Basic Pilot VMF/VMF(AW)
7531Pilot VMF/VMF(AW)F-8A/B/C
7532Pilot VMF/VMF(AW)F-8D/E
7540FRS Basic RF-4B Pilot
7541FRS Basic EA-6A/B Pilot
7542Pilot VMAQ/EA-6A Qualified
7543Pilot VMAQ/EA-6B Qualified
7544Pilot VMCJ RF-8A
7545Pilot VMAQ/RF-4B Qualified
7550Pilot WMGR Maritime Advanced (NATC)
7551Pilot C-9 Qualified
7552Pilot TC-4C Qualified
7553Pilot VMGR C-117
7554Pilot VMGR C-118
7555Pilot UC-12B Qualified
7556KC-130 Co-Pilot (T2P/T3P)
7557Pilot KC-130 Aircraft Commander
7558FRS Basic CH-53A/D Pilot
7559Pilot CT-39 Qualified
7560FRS Basic CH-53E Pilot
7561FRS Basic CH-46 Pilot
7562Pilot CH-46 Qualified
7563Pilot UH-1N Qualified
7564Pilot CH-53A/D Qualified
7565Pilot AH-1 Qualified
7566Pilot CH-53E Qualified
7567FRS Basic UH-1N Pilot
7568FRS Basic AH-1 Pilot
7569Attack Helicopter Training Officer
7573FRS Basic Supporting Arms Coordinator (Airborne)
7574Qualified Supporting Arms Coordinator (Airborne)
7575FRS Basic OV-10 Pilot
7576Pilot VMO OV-10
7577Weapons and Tactics Instructor
7578Naval Flight Officer Student
7579FRS Basic RF-4B Airborne Reconnaissance Officer
7580Tactical Navigator Flight Student (NATC)
7581FRS Basic A-6E Bombardier/Navigator
7582FRS Basic EA-6A/B Electronic Warfare Officer
7583Qualified A-6E Bombardier/Navigator
7584Qualified EA-6A Electronic Warfare Officer
7585Qualified RF-4B Airborne Reconnaissance Officer
7586Electronic/Warfare/Airborne Reconnaissance Officer
7587F-4S Radar Intercept Officer
7588Qualified EA-6B Electronics Warfare Officer
7589V/STOL Landing Signal Officer
7590Landing Signal Officer Trainee
7591Naval Flight Officer VMAW
7592Pilot VMAW
7593Landing Signal Officer Phase I and II Qualified LSO (including SATS qualification)
7594Landing Signal Officer Phase III Qualified LSO
7595Test Pilot/Flight Test Project Officer
7596Aviation Safety Officer
7597Basic Rotary Wing Pilot
7598Basic Fixed Wing Pilot
7599Flight Student (TBS)
8033Quality Assurance Technician (Subsistence)
8061Marine Wing Weapons Unit Specialist
8062Ground Nuclear Weapons Technician
8152Marine Corps Security Force (MCSF) Guard
8153Marine Corps Security Force (MCSF) Cadre Trainer
8154Marine Corps Security Force (MCSF) Close Quarters Battle (CQB) Team Member
8231Education Assistant
8404        Hospital Corpsman   USN/FMF (Corpsman)
8421Career Planner
8431Psychological Operations Noncommissioned Officer
8441Civil Affairs Noncommissioned Officer
8511Drill Instructor
8512Drill Sergeant
8531Range Coach
8532Small Arms Weapons Instructor
8535Human Relations Instructor
8538Substance Abuse Counselor
8541Scout Sniper
8561Physical Training Instructor
8563Water Safety/Survival Instructor
8611Interpreter (Designated Language)
8621Surveillance Sensor Operator
8631Surveillance Sensor Maintenance Man
8652"Reconnaissance Man, Parachute Jump Qualified"
8653"Reconnaissance Man, SCUBA Qualified"
8654"Reconnaissance Man, Parachute and SCUBA Qualified"
8711Ground Operations Specialist
8911Barracks and Grounds Marine
8915Food Service Attendant
8921Athletic and Recreation Assistant
8922Food and Hospitality Manager
8981Military Affiliate Radio System Radio Operator
9051Graves Registration Specialist
9602Education Officer
9604Education Testing and Evaluation Specialist
9606Education Technologist
9608Education Curriculum and Instruction Specialist
9610Education Administrator
9612Physical Education Specialist
9620Aeronautical Engineer (SEP)
9622Chemical Engineer
9624Electronics Engineer
9626Ordnance Systems Engineer
9628Computer Engineer
9630Industrial Engineer
9632Nuclear Engineer
9634Electronic Warfare Systems Officer
9636Communications Engineer
9638Nuclear Physics Officer
9640Management Officer
9642Personnel Management Officer
9644Financial Management Specialist
9646Data Systems Specialist
9648"Management, Data Systems Officer"
9650Operations Analyst
9652Defense Systems Analyst
9654Research and Development Officer
9656System Acquisition Management (SAM)/Contracting Officer
9658"Command, Control, and Communications (C3) Systems Officer"
9660Communication Manager
9662Material Management Officer
9666Space Operations Officer
9670Statistics Officer
9674Public Affairs Management Officer
9676International Relations Officer
9680Human Resources Management Specialist
9686Doctor of Juridical Science
9688Master of Law
9699Marine Officer Instructor
9701Joint Specialty Officer Nominee
9702Joint Specialty Officer (JSO)
9802"Director, US Marine Band"
9803"Staff Officer, US Marine Band"
9805US Marine Drum and Bugle Corps Officer
9807Mission Commander
9808Ground Control Station (GSC) Internal Pilot
9811Member United States Marine Band
9812Billet Designator - Naval Aviator/Naval Flight Officer
9812U.S. Marine Drum and Bugle Corps Member
9813Ground Control Station Payload Operator
9814External Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Operator
9815Electronic/Electrical Maintenance Technician
9816Mechanical Maintenance Technician
9817Remote Receiving Station (RRS) Operator
9900General Service Marine
9901Basic Officer
9903General Officer
9904"Colonel, Logistician"
9905Special Assignment Officer
9906"Colonel, Ground"
9907"Colonel, Naval Aviator/Naval Flight Officer"
9908"Colonel, Supply"
9909Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Plans/Operations Officer
9910Billet Designator - Unrestricted Officer
9911Billet Designator - Unrestricted Ground Officer
9912Billet Designator-Naval Aviator/Naval Fl
9913Special Services Officer
9914"Colonel, Judge Advocate"
9915Special Assignment - Enlisted
9916Billet Designator - Enlisted
9917College Degree-Enlisted
9919Marine Air Ground Task Force Plans/Operations Special
9920Women's Unit Officer
9925Range Officer
9930Billet Designator - Air Control/AntiAir Warfare Officer
9935Special Technical Operations
9935Special Technical Operations (Officer)
9940Foreign Area Officer
9941"Foreign Area Officer, Latin America"
9942"Foreign Area Officer, USSR"
9943"Foreign Area Officer, People's Republic of China"
9944"Foreign Area Officer, Middle East/North Africa"
9945"Foreign Area Officer, Sub-Saharan Africa"
9946"Foreign Area Officer, Sub-Saharan Africa"
9947"Foreign Area Officer, Western Europe"
9948"Foreign Area Officer, Southwest Asia"
9949"Foreign Area Officer, Eastern Europe"
9950Combat Artist (Officer)
9952SCUBA Marine
9952SCUBA Marine (Officer)
9953Parachutist/SCUBA Marine
9953Parachutist/SCUBA Marine (Officer)
9955Psychological Officer
9956Ground Safety Specialist
9956Ground Safety Specialist (Officer)
9957Psychological Operations Officer
9958Materiel Professional (MP) Specialist
9959Acquisition Professional (AP) Manager
9960Naval Aviation Observer
9962Parachutist (Officer)
9965Billet Designator - Fixed-Wing Pilot
9966Billet Designator - Naval Flight Officer
9967Billet Designator - Helicopter Pilot
9969Billet Designator - Any Pilot/Naval Flight Officer
9970"Basic Marine, Aviation Enlistment Option"
9971Basic Marine with Enlistment Guarantee
9975Information Computer Security Specialist
9975Information Computer Security Specialist (Officer)
9977"Basic Marine, Prior Service Enlistment I"
9978"Basic Marine, Prior Service Enlistment I"
9979"Basic Marine, Ground Enlistment Options"
9980Surveillance Sensor Officer
9981Tactical Data Systems Specialist
9981Tactical Data Systems Specialist (Officer)
9982Small Computer Systems Operator/Programmer
9991Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps
9999First Sergeant