The President of the United States takes pleasure in presenting the




For service as set forth in the following


     “The President of the United States of America takes pleasure in presenting the Silver Star (Army Award) to Sergeant John D. Arie, United States Marine Corps, for gallantry in action against an armed enemy of the United Nations while serving as Section Chief of a 60-mm. Mortar Section of Company D, Second Battalion, Fifth Marine Regiment, FIRST Marine Division (Reinforced), in action near Taedabok-Chi, Korea, on 10 August 1950. While advancing along a road near Taedabok-Chi with little cover or concealment, Company D ran into an enemy ambush which blanketed the area with intense small arms fire from well protected and hidden positions in the hills on both sides of the column, disorganizing Sergeant Arie's section. Sergeant Arie, with a portion of his section, was pinned down by enemy machine gun fire behind a column of jeeps. Unhesitatingly and with utter disregard for his life, he dashed approximately three hundred yards over terrain covered by heavy hostile fire to reach a vehicle trailer containing a 60-mm. mortar, removed it, organized a mortar crew, hurried back to the pinned-down section and placed the mortar in a firing position. Then under continuing heavy fire, Sergeant Arie raced to the top of a hill to observe and direct fire. His heroic actions in securing the weapon and effectively directing fire resulted in destruction of two enemy machine gun nests and a mortar emplacement, thus saving the lives of many men and greatly expediting the advance of the company to its destination. Sergeant Arie's display of aggressiveness, courage, initiative, and devotion to duty is in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service.