Kilo 3/3 RVN 2017 Reunion
2017 USMC 3/3 Kilo Company (RVN) Reunion
Philadelphia, PA

To our Kilo Family and Friends,

It’s finally here!! The plans for our August 2017 Kilo Family Reunion. After a few months of planning
and plotting I think we’ve got an agenda that is going to be fun for everyone.  I’ve been over to our hotel a couple of times now and the group sales coordinator is really excited for us to stay and has reserved some waterfront rooms for us!

Our reservation block is for Thursday August 17 - Sunday August 21, 2017. We’ve tried to make the
itinerary compatible with anyone’s schedule so that you can join us for the entire time or just the
weekend - whatever suits your calendar.

Philadelphia is an amazing city and we could keep you here for weeks and not see the same thing
twice but the desire to have everyone together for some quality comradery outweighs our desire to
bombard you with history! On the following page you’ll find the tentative itinerary as rain may alter
a few things here or there.

Luckily for us breakfast is included at the hotel each morning. It’s a huge bar that includes hot and
cold food and two large eating areas. One set registration fee will also include:

- Pizza on Thursday during the lunch hour for those arriving early.
- Lunch on Friday
- Our official dinner on Saturday as well as the hall rental
- Snacks, drinks and adult beverages in the hospitality room for the entire reunion

The only thing you’ll need to pay for when you get here is dinner on Thursday and Friday nights and
lunch on Saturday!

How to Get Here

You have a few options here. If you’re close you can drive, but remember parking is at a premium in
the city. Philadelphia International Airport is only 15 minutes away. The Amtrak also comes directly
into Philadelphia to the 30th Street Station. (We have children in the area and fully intend to use
them as slave labor if you need to be picked up at the airport or train station.)

If you’re flying in I highly recommend going to to check on the most current
prices. It’s a great tool for shopping around and you can even set alerts when prices drop. For ease
of operation I would also recommend flying into PHL but you may have additional options from your
home area.

For Those Unable To Attend:

We know that time, logistics, age and illness can sometime make attending reunions difficult if not
impossible. Therefore we would like to plan a time at some point over the weekend to set up some
Skype, FaceTime or good old fashioned phone calls to those who would like to stay connected.
Keep this in the back of your minds and please reach out with your contact information if you’re
unable to attend physically but want to connect electronically. Input and feedback on this is

Contact Information:

If you have any questions/concerns/requests, please do not hesitate to reach out to either myself or
Robert (Bob) at:
     Bob DeMinico                         Susan DeMinico
     267-349-0804                          215-292-0021

More information will be forthcoming as the menus are finalized and we have a firmer head count.
In the meantime I have set up a Facebook page for the reunion for anyone on social media. If you
search “2017 Philadelphia Kilo 3/3 Reunion” you’ll find the page. You’ll probably have to click
“ask to join” but I’ll add you asap as soon as that comes through. Feel free to post questions,
comments or suggestions but let’s keep it upbeat and friendly for everyone! 

Can’t wait to see all of you in August.

Semper Fi!

All the best,

Bob & Susan DeMinico
Kilo Feb ’68 - July ‘68


K-66    Don Bigler
K-67   Bill & Betty Clough
K-68   Bob & Susan DeMinico 
K-68   Don & Ann Frank
Guest John & Linda Kemp
K-67   J. P. Land
K-68   Jerome & Charlene McDonald
K-67   Bob Montomery
K-67   Alan & Diane Sams
Guest Mary Rice and Bruce Southerton
K-68   John & Barbara Thompson
K-68    David & Shirley Treat
K-67   George Wise
K-67   Steve Armstrong & Linda Young


While our the reunion previously seemed so far away we are now down to just two months and three days!! The time has passed so quickly. 

I hope this update finds all of you well and geared up for a warm summer. We've heard from a number of you both in confirmed reservations and declines.  

Our itinerary has not really changed since the original email. We've still allotted time for anyone who would like to do some individual sightseeing on Saturday afternoon to do so. Our Tun Tavern picnic on Friday is still very much on rain or shine as we'll have a few canopies if necessary.  

As a further update Robert and I will be moving the end of this month onto our boat. The cool thing about our condo was that we were right down block from your hotel but'll be stuck with us directly out your front door. We will be hosting dinner on the boat on Wednesday night for anyone coming in early. 

The other deadline is the group rate for the hotel, which ends July 18th. Even if you're still up in the air about coming you don't have to put any money down to reserve the room. There is a 24 hour notice to cancel.