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 The Marine Corps Heritage Center

The National Museum of the Marine Corps

Since opening to the public, the National Museum of the Marine Corps has quickly become a place for Marines to convene, share their experiences, celebrate their victories and honor their fallen. The Museum has welcomed hundreds of thousands of visitors and has received rave reviews from Marines and civilians alike. Currently the Museum includes over 1,000 artifacts including tanks, aircraft, small arms, uniforms and over 1,800 photographs, letters and illustrations. Interactive and immersive experiences allow guests travel along the frozen TokTong pass in Korea amidst enemy troops, disembark a helicopter into the landing zone atop Hill 881 South in Vietnam and experience American history through the eyes of Marines.

Semper Fidelis Memorial Park

Semper Fidelis Memorial Park overlooks the National Museum of the Marine Corps. It is a place of remembrance and reflection, dedicated to the service of all Marines. The Park, located on approximately three acres of high ground, is an important part of the Museum visitor’s experience. Interwoven paths cross and meet at significant rally points where monuments erected to honor various Marine Corps organizations, and those who served in them, provide places for visitors to pause and contemplate.

Commemorative bricks line portions of the paths throughout Semper Fidelis Memorial Park. Family members and friends may donate bricks engraved with the names of their loved ones to forever attest to the honor, courage and commitment that embody the Marine Corps. Donations made as part of this program will help the National Museum of the Marine Corps preserve Marine Corps history.  

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