Northern I Corps
Leatherneck Square

Mike Company and the rest of our Battalion bounced around this area for the most part of 1967 & 1968 and part of 1969. The complete area was always being shelled by NVA gunners that were based in the DMZ, which was a safe haven for the NVA since politics prevented us from entering into the DMZ. Althought on a few occations we broke the rules and ventured into it  This area was also a major north to south infiltration route for the NVA. Most battles here were on the larger scale against well trained NVA infantry. For the average Grunt Marine sleep was a luxury because of the high state of alert we were always on. The red stars show some of the major battles we were involed in during our time in the area. The larger red circles show permenant Combat Bases, the smaller circles are Moble Combat Bases of which many of them we built and stayed at from 2 or 3 days to a month before moving into a different area.
Clicking on next will bring up a NVA map showing thier base camps in much of the same area as this map.