From landing in May of 1965 at Chu Lai to Finally departing South Vietnam in October 1969, The Companies of the Third Battalion, Third Marines worked most of the Northern area of South Vietnam shown on this map. The area is noted for some of the fierces battles in Vietnam, starting with Operation Starlight in August of 1965 through the 1968 Tet Offensive. Some of these battles took place in well known places,like Chu Lai, Hill 881 and Con Thien others took place at obscure outposts with names like Alpha 3, Ca Lu and the Rock Pile. Many times we didn't know where we were as the companies were split and sent to help other Marine or Army outfits in the area.
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Chu Lai
Da Nang
Khe Sahn
Dong Ha
The Rock Pile
Ca Lu
Combat Base Pictures
An Hoa
Cam Lo
Con Thien
Dong Ha
Gio Lihn
881 South
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Our many thanks to Ken Snider(3/3) for getting me in touch with Joe O'dell(3/9) who graciously provided the pic's.

Can You Remember where Your bunker was ?
Quang Tri
Aerial View
Northern "I Corps"
1965  Vietnam Era  1969
Area (Northern I Corps) AO Sheet No. & Name
Cam Lo, Camp Carrol, Con Thien, Nui Cay Tre, Thon Khe 3rd Mar Div Sheet 6342 I Cam Lo
Hill 861, 881 N, 881S, Khe Sanh, Lang Vei 3rd Mar Div Sheet 6342 III Huong Hua
North of Khe Sanh 3rd Mar Div Sheet 6342 IV Nguon Rao
Dai Do, Dong Ha, Gio Linh, Quang Tri 3rd Mar Div Sheet 6442 IV Quang Tri