3/3 RVN Ass’n  Vol  1  Issue 1    09/01/2004  Page 6
My father is Michel Glynn (Mike Company 2nd Platoon 2nd Squad 67-68). My name is Brian.  I attended the reunion with my father who for all intensive purposes was a “FNG” at this reunion. I will start by saying that after years of watching Dad suffer the signs of PTSD I was slightly apprehensive when we first arrived at the reunion; I feared this would have a negative effect on Dad’s therapy. 

What I did find was exactly the opposite and it was five days of my life that I will cherish all of my days. I have learned a side of my father/best friend that most kids will never know. I learned who he was and still is from the men that he served with. In turn he gave me yet another gift that I feel I will never be able to repay, another one of life’s lessons. I feel we have connected on another level.
This gift came in several different parts. I am proud to say that I have inherited 600 new UNCLES !!! I cannot remember some names but your faces and stories are forever implanted in my mind. Names like UNCLE Tommy Wheeler, Joe Gensor, Capt Green, Bob Moffat, Walter Clarke, Chuck Austin, Ernie Tapia, Dan “Irish” Toro and of course Doc Hoppy, Doc Hardin, and Craig Slaughter. There are so many more, I could list the memories and names forever. 

I was honored enough to share in the stories some sad and some funny but all brave. I found out the true definition of “Marine”. You are all a “band of Brothers” tied together by more than just a name.  You are tied together like family with something called HONOR & PRIDE. I am honored to be a “Marine Kid” and honored that I in turn am part of a larger family.    

I thank you once again for this gift and for letting me be a part of something so special. I look forward to seeing you all and then some in Colorado Springs in 2006. I look forward to seeing more “FNG’s” and sons experience what my Dad and I will treasure forever in our hearts. 
Brian M. Glynn 
Brian, thanks for the memories, it was a pleasure to meet you and your dad. As I remember, your dad was an 881S, 4/30/67, replacement, as I was a replacement for the Razorback bombing of
12/10/66. Although I didn't personally serve with your dad we are like brothers. A Band of Brothers, the HBO special about WWII, was the trigger for me getting to the 2004 reunion. After that aired in the late '90s, I started looking on the internet for 3rd Mar Div, 3rd Marines, Mike Co., anything that might bring some peace of mind or closure to Vietnam.

On 33USMC.com I found Tommy Wheeler.Tommy's bunker was next to our gun bunker on mud hill in late '66 early '67 and we were both shot up and laying in a bomb crater on 881S in April '67 and I know to this day after all those hours together before we got medivaced, the whole day, hour after hour, bleeding to death and getting the best tans of our lives, we bonded forever. Despite the efforts of Cordelione & Hossack to save me, I did survive. 

Of all the guys I served with, Tommy was the one, who stuck in my mind all those years. The memory is a funny thing and PTSD is not, so I wrote Tommy a letter in the late '90's and thanked him for not letting me die, by willing me to live as I was bleeding to death. I remember him yelling at me not to die, don't you die on me you @$#%^^&&&*. After awhile I remember him saying, the yelling gone, how are you doing Bobby? Are you okay?
Well I wasn't okay, but I remember giving him a thumbs up. The next thing I know I'm getting phone calls from Hossack, Snider, Gensor, Austin, and suddenly, life is good.

Brian, your dad and Tommy bonded like Tommy and I bonded, and Tommy bonded with Capt. Green during a mortar attack on mud hill... like a band of brothers. Dave Johnson and Don Usery of Mike Co. during '65 Operation Starlight, bonded in California a couple of years ago at the Legion Post 328 in Norco, CA, and I subsequently joined the Marine Corps League.
If I meet a Marine today or tomorrow from serving in Iraq or elsewhere in the world we will most likely bond as brothers, as well. It's a Marine thing I guess.

This was my first reunion on a large scale and I'll admit I didn't sleep worth a damn for a week before the reunion, during the reunion, or for a week after the reunion. I was so apprehensive, excited, and then happy to be with and see everyone again, that I couldn't stand it. It was like being on an ambush, during a monsoon, with dysentery; what a hoot. Brian, we all love you and your dad. 
Semper Fi Mike.
 Bob Moffatt

cannot tell you all just how honored my whole family was by all of you at the reuinion. I was concerned that they would not want to hang with a bunch of old men but they all said they had one of the best vacations of their lives. Thanks so much
for honoring all of us. They are planning on the next one as well. 
Ray Calhoun

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...CPL Wright (WIA Iraq) was absolutely thrilled
being with other Marines, especially those from another era. He commented in the car on the way
back to the hospital that he didn't feel worthy being in the same room with all of you. Julee & I tried to convince him that he was indeed worthy being with you and that was reinforced by the outpouring of respect & kindness shown by everyone in attendance. I think the seed has now been planted in Eddie that he might become the John Mick of the future in organizing the reunions of 1st Recon of Operataion IRAQI FREEDOM. Who knows what leadership role he might have in 30 years from now? I'm sure that he'll never forget the Marines and family members of 3/3. You really inspired him in more ways than we might ever know... 
Lt.Gen Harry Raduege USAF 

Note:  LtGen Raduege arranged for a group of our WIA’s in Walter Reed Hospital to join us, and for Cpl James "Eddie" Wright to attend our Banquet.  Cpl Wright lost both hands in Iraq, and received the Bronze Star for his actions.  
Eddie, YOU honored us, our Brother!  Semper Fi